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Add some punch to your tuba line!

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We are very happy to release Front Porch Tuba, a realistic new sample collection for Kontakt 5+. Front Porch Tuba is the first tuba library geared specifically toward jazz, folk, funk, and other non-orchestral uses. With 31 unique samples for every tuba note (all chromatically sampled), you will be able to create incredibly versatile and realistic performances.

The intuitive control and high quality sound that Kontakt users expect:

  • Chromatically sampled BBb tuba: 33 note range, from low E up to middle C
  • Ultimate tuba library for non-orchestral music:

– full pizzicato-style short (staccato) notes geared toward jazz, folk, etc
– 4 Round Robin variations for every short note at every velocity means more realistic results
– 6 unique fluttertongue samples per note give the perfect mean tuba growl
– relaxed feel imitates authentic “street tuba” performance
– but don’t rule out orchestral uses, add some punch to your tuba line!

  • 31 unique samples for each tuba note (1023 total samples, over 320 MB):
  • 3 velocity levels for every note (except sforzando-piano articulation)
  • 5 articulations per tuba note:

– “short”: 12 samples for every note (4 variations x 3 velocities)
– “long accented”: 6 samples each note (2 var x 3 vel)
– “long unaccented”: 6 samples each note (2 var x 3 vel)
– “fluttertongue”: 6 samples each note (2 var x 3 vel)
– “sforzando-piano”: 1 sample each note (1 sample x 1 vel)

  • Avoid the “machine gun” effect with variations for every note (except sfz articulation).
  • Great control with main keyswitch patch: see Keyboard Map
  • Mic placed in bell for powerful, strong tuba sound
  • Full, clean samples throughout
  • 16-bit, 44.1 kHz, mono samples
  • Available now for Kontakt 5+. Instant Download


      Front Porch Breakdown
(with Front Porch Banjo 2)


      Funk Porch
(with Front Porch Banjo 2)


      Banjo Boy Chimes
(with Front Porch Banjo 2)


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