Front Porch Washtub Bass


The anchor for your Bluegrass tunes! Please note this is not an actual instrument. It is a download for the Kontakt software sampler.

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We’re proud to present Front Porch Washtub Bass, our newest – and first of its kind – sample collection for Kontakt 5+. Front Porch Washtub Bass is the ideal anchor for your Bluegrass and country tunes. An instrument with incredible personality, the washtub bass is an essential addition to your virtual instrument library.

Every washtub bass is different and we constructed ours to be most amenable to being sampled. Instead of a shovel handle, we built ours with a strong solid maple neck and used a resonant 15-gallon washtub for the bowl. To help fit the bass into your mixes, we also recorded every sample using both a “high” and a “low” mic. The high mic was placed near the plucking area of the neck and the low mic was placed near the opening of the washtub, down below. The mics are mixable so you can achieve just the sound you want – higher for more pitch definition or lower for more percussive boominess.

With up to 4x round-robin and multiple articulations, you will find Front Porch Washtub Bass to be easy to play and very authentic-sounding in your music. As far as we know, this is the first dedicated washtub bass sample library and we are very excited to bring it to you. Find out what your music’s been missing and have some fun with Front Porch Washtub Bass!

The specs:

  • Chromatically sampled washtub bass: 38 note range, from E0 up to F3.
  • Main pluck patch contains 3 velocity layers with 4x round-robin
  • Rise and Fall articulations contain 3 velocity layers with 2x round-robin
  • Release samples feature 8 velocity layers with 4x round robin – Smart Release Volumes: release samples get quieter the longer a note is sustained
  • High and Low mics, mix completely adjustable between the two
  • Finely crafted instrument – 15-gallon washtub and solid maple neck
  • Tested 9 different string types and chose 5/32″ parachute cord as the exceptionally full and defined main string and then a low E metal double bass string as the low note “gutbuster”
  • All samples recorded at 44.1kHz/24 bit
  • Great control with main keyswitch patch: see Keyboard Map
  • Bonus “Hand Percussion” patch – top open and closed slaps, left- and right-hand side slaps and flam hits, all with 3 velocity layers (flam has 2 velocity layers) and 4x round-robin
  • Available now for full version of Kontakt 5+. Instant Download

      Oh My Darling Clementine
 (with Front Porch Banjo 2)


      Front Porch Breakdown - WB Version
(with Front Porch Banjo 2)



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